2003-01-03 A Happy New 2003!

01.31.03-A Happy New 2003!

New Year’s 2003 kicked right off withMarco Island Hilton New Year’s Ballin the newly decorated Ball Room…lots of Marco friends as well as English and German visitors dancing and enjoying fireworks on the beach.

Then the Season hit with it’s flurry ofGigs, Gigs, Gigs!…featuring Marco Island’s firstYMCA Dolphin Debut…as well as the 3rd AnnualNaples Winter Wine Tasting Festivalwhich collectively amassed $5.14 million to be distributed among local charities! I’d like to thank the Figge, Aluisi, and Lund families for sponsoring my performances at their special events…what a party! I joined my old time buddyKip Attaway, who flew in all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to "wail" a little wine tasting music…but it’s a little hard to taste that good stuff when so you’re busy chuggin' it!

I should also mention performing atStan’s Hospice Fund Raising Partywhere we always crank up the Season just before Stan's Annual Buzzard Lope and Mullett Festival…always a great way to raise a little cash while raisin’ a little ruckus!

February and March will be lots of fun with one moreYMCA Dolphin Debutparty February 24th and several spots at theLee Civic Center-Southwest Florida County Fairthis year featuring Tracy Adkins and Neal McCoy…you’ll have to check myCaptain’s Logfor my specific times & locations…

Oh, and don't let me forget to mention theCollier Seminole State Park Native American Pioneer Heritage FestivalFebruary 14, 15, & 16...a bunch of ourFriends of Florida Folkwill be performing each day. It's great to have the fresh sounds of North Florida Folk musical artists coming down to the Land of Ten Thousand Islands to share songs & enjoy our uniquely inspiring countryside...

See those little blank spaces on myCaptain’s Log Calendar? ...you can bet I’ll beAnchored right off Goodland, Floridaor haunting my favoriteLittle Bar Restaurantwith fiddle or steel pan in hand!

JRobert…”Island ‘Pon Mon’”

O.K. O.K.!

Here's a boat load of the latest news articles I should post just for the record...Marco Island Kiwanis Club Fund Event,Christmas Island Style Children's Charity,Last Minute Marketing "Blue Water Christmas,"Stan's Hospice Gig,and lastly but not leastlyMackle Park Community Family Show.

Excuse me, I'm going down for a snooze now...

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