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A tapestry of violin, samba style guitar, and Trinidadian Steel Pan are interwoven throughout this music journey. "Blue Water Cruise is like water…it sweeps you out from where the rivers meet the sea and beyond all markers, buoys, and music genres into a deeper soundscape adventure."

Blue Water Cruise makes an excellent boat gift or Florida souvenir.

Sanibel Tides

While anchored in the backwaters of a barrier island…early morning dolphin patrol the bay…huffing…puffing gently in the stillness.

Like ancient Calusa, tall families of roseate spoonbill scoot across spring-tide mud flat banks past barnacled mangrove roots… tannic-blackened waters mirror a rising sun…cumulus arrive over the Everglades horizon.

Myriad illusive channels snake around lighthouse shoals, before the safety of open seas…


"Takes me away to where I've always heard it could be… Just the wind & a dream to carry me…soon I will be free!"


Shimmering glass mosaic scattered in the sand of a coconut island…shuttled in on tropical waves…splashing, gurgling, and whispering…

"Coquina…coquina Girl, you're on my mind"

Jamaica Farewell

Island hopping into the lazy latitudes…

"I'm sad to say I'm on my way I won't be back for many a day…"

Blue Water

"Let's go ride the sea… No place on earth I'd rather be!"

Sloop John B

The Granddaddy of all sailing songs jams out!

Changes in Latitudes

Remember the first time you caught an earful of Jimmy Buffett music? …Our attitudes and latitudes may have changed since then…"but beach music, beach music, beach music…just plays on!"

Captain's Heart

One little change of heart may equal three hundred and sixty degrees of horizon… Every thought of you…sends me sailing off the charts!

A captain's heart is only as true as his compass.

Zephyr Deluxe

…I catch a warm, wild ride just before the air turns cool and sweet.

Suddenly winds shift, and a squall sweeps in from the west…leaving just as suddenly as it came. Vibrant sunset rainbows melt over my shoulder into a pool of promises…

Pirate Looks at 40

No matter how I look at it, it just gets better!

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